Healing Ministry Prayers for Healing demonic influence
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Prayers for Healing Prayer Request

Deliverance Ministry

Healing Prayers: The Sower sows the Word And the Lord heakened unto the Voice of a man For he is strong that Executeth His Word... Mark 4:14, Joshua 10:14, Joel 2:11.

Read my testimony of healing God's way.

Pathway to healing


Renunciation Prayers From False Religions and False Practices:

  1. Renunciation of Budhism
  2. Renunciation of Cabala
  3. Renunciation of German Bloodline of Evil
  4. Renunciation of Hare Krishna
  5. Renunciation of Hinduism
  6. Renuncation of Indian Divination
  7. Renunciation of Islam Muslim Faith
  8. Renunciation of Jehovah Witness
  9. Renunciation of Jezebel
  10. Renunciation of Lilith
  11. Renunciation of Mormonism
  12. Renunciation of Nazism
  13. Renunciation of Rastarianism
  14. Renunciation of Scientology
  15. Renunciation of Shamanism
  16. Renunciation of Transcendental Meditation
  17. Renunciation of World Wide Church of God

The prayers have been moved to Touch of God International Ministries.

Prayer Request - Heailing Ministry

Every soul is important to the Lord. Maybe you have lost ones who need the Lord and you have prayed and now you are looking for agreement. Each person has a purpose to fulfill that no one else can accomplish. If the enemy is able to capture these souls through sin in their lives, it will be impossible for them to accomplish the purpose.

Maybe you have loved ones sick and need prayers for healing for them.

Visit Touch of God Prayer Line - Healing Ministry, Touch of God International Minstries Texas - Setting Captives Free by Casting Out Demons Out of Those Who are Oppressed by the Devil.


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