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Read my testimony of healing God's way.

Prayer Request for Prayers for Healing

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Salvation ScripturesPowerful Prayers for Your Children - Protection Prayers

Spiritual Warfare Prayers to cover your children

Prayers for your children - Scriptures and after

When you are in the heavenly Courtroom, first you repent and ask God's forgiveness for your own sin. Then you are ready to stand in the gap and bring your petition before the Judge.

Dear Heavenly Father, I stand today before you ad repent on behalf of any sin that I may have committed against you. I ask for your forgiveness.

We ask you move this case from the Courtroom of Judgment to the Throne Room of Grace and Mercy for a season of grace and mercy as I petition for salvation of loved ones, friends, bosses, etc.

Satan, it is written...

Prayer Request


Poweful Prayers for your children - Protection Prayers:

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List of Healing Scriptures

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