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Prayers for Healing Prayer Request

Deliverance Ministry

Healing Prayers: The Sower sows the Word And the Lord heakened unto the Voice of a man For he is strong that Executeth His Word... Mark 4:14, Joshua 10:14, Joel 2:11.

Read my testimony of healing God's way.

Pathway to healing

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Need Prayers For Healing

Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Healing by Confrontation with Darkness. It is not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit saith the Lord. Zech 4:6. ,

  • Are you needing prayers for healing from a spirit of infirmity,

  • Maybe you have loved ones that are not saved and you are looking for spiritual warfare prayers to break the bondage off their mind and demonic influence,

  • Maybe you are dealing with teenagers who are ensnared with drug addiction, dating the wrong person and you need miracle prayers,

  • Maybe you and your family are dealing with financial issues such as a spirit of poverty that needs to be agreed and broken off.

  • Maybe you need prayer for strength, prayer for protection, prayer for peace for peace of mind, and/or prayer for guidance,

  • Maybe you feel into sin and need agreement prayer for forgiveness.

There is power of prayer. As citizens of God's kingdom, we want to bring heaven to earth and establish His rule.

"Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven" Matthew 6:10.

The Word of God gives strategies that will bring His rule to the earth. One of those strategies is to appear before the Lord, the Judge, who rules the universe from the unseen Courtroom of Heaven. We will present your case in the Courtroom of Heaven to reverse the curse Satan has against you, your family members, friends, etc. through spirit of infirmity, keeping loved ones from the Lord, etc. There is no limit in the type or number of cases presented to Jesus who is the judge.

Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life. No noe comes to the father except through me."

Prayer Request - Heailing Ministry

Every soul is important to the Lord. Maybe you have lost ones who need the Lord and you have prayed and now you are looking for agreement. Each person has a purpose to fulfill that no one else can accomplish. If the enemy is able to capture these souls through sin in their lives, it will be impossible for them to accomplish the purpose.

Maybe you have loved ones sick and need prayers for healing for them.

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